Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Seashells by the Seashore

Hello guys! Long time no see! How have you been?
My Spanish courses started today, which means I got access to the school's fast wireless and finally got to upload some picturrrrres for my posts. 

It may be September already, but the weather in Valencia is still very summery, which I don't mind at all. I haven't had enough of summery manicures yet, and want to share one of them with you. 

A sea on the fingertips, it's a gradient of my favourite Dance Legend Wow Prisms: Holy Diver, Through The Glass and Night Ranger.

To make it even more sea-sidey, I used the cutest seashell charms from Born Pretty store as accents. I've been eyeing these charms for a while now, and have been excited to finally try them out. And let me tell you, the are awesome: small (3mm) but detailed, with clean edges. They are made of metal (so they are totally reusable) and sit snugly even on my small, curved nails.

These little 3D shells are a perfect way to spice your mani (or whatever else you like) up and give it nautical charm. BPS carries them in two colours, gold and silver, and you can get 10% off them (and many, many other things), if you use my code FFB10 at the checkout! 

Last, but not the least, BPS is currently holding a stamping plate design contest — vote on your favourite here, ten plates with most votes will be produced! :)
And that's it for today! I'll see you guys again soon.


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