Saturday, 5 July 2014

Sail Away: turquoise nails for 15DNC



As much as I love writing long posts, I will be terse today and let the pictures do the talking. The thing is, my laptop's wifi connector's nearly broken, my tablet's in service because of a pinking charging port, and I'm going to another town for the weekend. All quiiiiiiiiite unexpectedly.

Как бы я ни любила строчить длиннющие посты, сегодня буду краткой и позволю вам просто поглядеть картинки. Дело в том, что у моего ноутбука сломался wi-fi передатчик, планшет отправился в ремонт из-за неисправного зарядочного порта, а сама я еду на выходные в другой город. Всё это, как водится, — этакий нежданчик.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A different galaxy: coral nails for 15DNC

Hi guys! I have two announcements to make!

First, look at my new domain name!!G How awesome is it? I've been going by this nickname for about ten years now, and it was time to finally make it official. I'm yet to transfer my bloglovin' followers and get a pretty email address, but hopefully these issues will be resolved soon. :D

Second, this month is promising to be busy for both the blog and my nails, as I'm participating in the Summer Nail Challenge held by Anna Manimunchkin! I knew I had to take part in it the moment I saw the theme list; not only because it was full of summery awesomeness, but also because half of them coincided with my own to-do mani list. And that's killing two stones with one bird...or something. x)

Today's prompt is one of those happy coincidences: coral nails inspired by my blog's new design, except in a little different colour. It's nebulae design (see my tutorial here), with a bit of a bokeh effect mixed in, done with acrylic paint. Originally, I was aiming to mimic the blog's colour scheme, but it wouldn't work well with the polish I chose. Thus, this part of space is on the orange side.